Mindfulness at Work: Strategies for a Busy Life

One-Day Workshop with Tim Burkett
Friday, October 20, 2017, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Breakfast and registration begin at 7:30 am
Lunch is included.
Opus Hall, Room 201, St. Thomas University, Minneapolis Campus
$125 for employees of sponsoring organizations, or members of a Twin Cities Zen Center
$175 for the general public
Please note that $75 of this fee is a tax deductible donation to the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center.
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Mindfulness and Meditation
We live in an era of great possibilities, but the price of pushing ourselves to achieve can be a life clouded by stress and tension. Meditation gives us a tool to return to our original stillness and allows us relief from an out-of-control mind that constantly rushes forward into the future or rewinds back to the past. We have seen increased interest at the Center from many who wish to weave meditation into their busy lives. Offering this workshop is one way we can help introduce the healing power of meditation to the Twin Cities' business community.

The science is also intriguing. Long-term meditators often demonstrate an increased amount of gray matter in the insula and sensory regions, the auditory and sensory cortex and more gray matter in the frontal cortex, which is associated with working memory and executive decision making.

The Workshop
Dr. Tim Burkett is a psychologist, author, and guiding teacher at the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center. He recently retired from his position as CEO of one of the Midwest's largest mental health providers. Dr. Burkett has been teaching meditation and related calming techniques for more than 25 years. He specializes in bringing together Eastern and Western approaches to help people increase their work satisfaction and emotional intelligence, and diminish work-related stress. He will be using material from Google's wildly successful Search Inside Yourself program.

Dr. Tim Burkett will teach the techniques and skills needed to thrive in a results-driven, fast-paced professional career without becoming simply reactive. He will help participants integrate inner life with work life to enhance personal development and success. He will discuss the foundational role mindfulness and meditation play in this process.

The mission of the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center is to help people experience a deep and quiet joy that arises when one is fully engaged in the work or play of the moment. Dr. Burkett is pleased to bring this mission to a new audience, showing us how mindfulness and meditation can help busy professionals deeply enjoy their work and their lives.

Dr. Tim Burkett
Dr. Burkett is the guiding teacher of the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center, where he has been practicing meditation for more than 30 years. He is author of the well-received 2015 book Nothing Holy About It: The Zen of Being Just Who You Are, and his second book, Zen In The Age Of Anxiety: Wisdom For Navigating Our Modern Lives, will be published soon.

Dr. Burkett received his early meditation training from Suzuki Roshi, the author of Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind. Burkett also completed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher training in the mid-1990s with MBSR's creator, John Kabat-Zinn, and Burkett has taught the MBSR series.

Burkett has a Ph.D. in psychology and worked as a clinical psychologist for many years. He also served as CEO of People Incorporated, the state's largest community mental health provider, for 17 years prior to his recent retirement.

Our mission is to help people experience a deep and quiet joy – a joy that arises whenever we are fully engaged in the work or play of this moment.