The Katagiri Project

This portion of the MZMC website offers information about Katagiri Roshi including: audio, videos, photographs, a biographical essay (written by archivist Andrea Martin), and a blog that collects stories and memories. You may also contact us, if you have questions or comments.

Katagiri Roshi

Dainin Katagiri was the founding teacher of the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center and Hokyoji Zen Practice Community. Before moving to Minnesota in 1972, Katagiri Roshi taught at the San Francisco Zen Center and Tassajara Zen Mountain Center as assistant to Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. Katagiri Roshi was born in Japan, where he became a monk at the age of eighteen. He practiced at Eiheiji monastery and Taizoin temple, received a master's degree from Komazawa University, and worked in the international division of Soto Zen headquarters before coming to the United States in 1963. Katagiri Roshi touched the hearts of people everywhere with his engaging manifestation of the Buddha way. Although he died in 1990, his teaching lives on in audio recordings of his talks, and books that have been developed from them.

Archive Project

The Dainin Katagiri Archive Project is digitizing the audio recordings of Katagiri Roshi's teaching talks in Minnesota and making them available through iTunes and this website. Also available here are videos, photographs, and a biographical essay written by archivist Andrea Martin. The project is collecting peoples' stories and memories of Katagiri Roshi through its blog, which is the place to read and add to the story archive.


Three books of Katagiri Roshi's teachings are available through bookstores:

  • Returning to Silence: Zen Practice in Daily Life, edited by Yuko Conniff and Willa Hathaway. Boston: Shambhala, 1988.
  • You Have to Say Something: Manifesting Zen Insight, edited by Steve Hagen. Boston: Shambhala, 1998.
  • Each Moment Is the Universe: Zen and the Way of Being Time, edited by Andrea Martin. Boston: Shambhala, 2007.

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