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Recent media coverage about MZMC and its activities:

Guiding Teacher Tim Burkett's Blog on Huffington Post

Make sure to check out Tim's new blog on Huffington Post! Just click on the links below.

Guiding Teacher Tim Burkett's 2015 Book Nothing Holy About It

Tim's new book Nothing Holy About It: The Zen of Being Just Who You Are was published last spring. He toured the Bay Area in September 2015.

Ben Connelly's 2014 bookInside the Grass Hut: Living Shitou's Classic Zen Poem

Click on the link below to listen to host Jack Rice (950 AM) talking with Ben.

Recent Articles of Interest

Media coverage of Guest Teacher Norman Fischer

Our mission is to help people experience a deep and quiet joy – a joy that arises whenever we are fully engaged in the work or play of this moment.