Programs for Mindful Living

Programs for Mindful Living (PML) is a non-profit organization that was created to provide secular mindfulness training in a variety of settings across the community. PML partners with the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center, and while both organizations teach mindfulness and meditation, PML uses a strictly secular, non-religious approach. Examples of PML offerings include programs that focus on older adults, youth, and mindfulness in the workplace.

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Tim Burkett, Executive Director
A lifelong meditator and Ph.D. trained psychologist, Tim Burkett helped to found Programs for Mindful Living in 2015. At PML Tim provides organizational leadership, helps to design PML programs, and offers guidance and training to other PML staff. Tim also serves as guiding teacher of the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center and was the long-time CEO of People Incorporated, the largest mental health charitable foundation in Minnesota.

Mindfulness Training for Health Care Professionals

In this one-day, mindfulness-training workshop we will apply several "bare attention" practices, which include cultivating patience, intentionality, openness, and body awareness. Five benefits that arise naturally from these practices are empathy, compassion (including self-compassion), decreased stress and anxiety, increased self-awareness, and a better quality of life.

This workshop is facilitated by two mindfulness teachers. Wanda Isle will facilitate the first half of the workshop, focusing on two necessary skills that enable meditative self-observation and are fundamental to a mindfulness practice: non-judging and non-reacting. These skills both support and are supported by mindfulness meditation.

The second half of the workshop will focus on specific meditative interventions designed by Dr. Tim Burkett for mental health professionals. These interventions deepen self-awareness and increase adaptive responses to stressful or negative situations. They may also serve as a buffer against burnout.

Date: July 9, 2016
Time: 9:00 - 4:00 with 1 hour for lunch
Location: Minnesota Zen Meditation Center (MZMC)
3343 East Lake Calhoun Pkwy., Minneapolis, MN 55408
Cost: $150
Please bring a bag lunch or plan to eat at a nearby cafe.

About the Facilitators:
As the supervising facilitator, Tim Burkett offers fifty years of experience as both a meditation instructor and a psychologist. He is trained in traditional Buddhist meditation and MBSR. Dr. Burkett retired in 2015 as the CEO of People Incorporated, the largest non-profit of its kind in Minnesota. He is the author of Nothing Holy About It: The Zen of Being Just Who You Are.

Wanda Isle is a student of Tim Burkett and senior meditation instructor at MZMC and Programs for Mindful Living. She has dedicated the last twelve years to a mindfulness practice, providing mindfulness instruction to both secular and spiritual communities. She is the editor of Nothing Holy About It and the co-author of Creating Awesome! Radiant Health as a Spiritual Practice, a book that focuses mind/body healing.

Our mission is to help people experience a deep and quiet joy – a joy that arises whenever we are fully engaged in the work or play of this moment.