Retreats and Sesshins: Intensive Meditation Opportunities

Extended periods of meditation are the backbone of our practice, allowing us the opportunity to quiet our minds in shared silence. At MZMC, we offer: sesshins, which include the traditional elements including liturgy and formal meals with oryoki bowls; and retreats, which do not. All sesshins and retreats include periods of sitting meditation followed by walking meditation, and one-to-one meetings with the teacher. Please register for a retreat at least five days in advance.

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Please remember that our daily meditation schedule is suspended during retreats with the exception of the Sunday morning schedule (meditation, talk, and Introduction to Zen Meditation), which takes place as usual.

MZMC teachers are also available to offer retreats away from the Center.

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Learn the Basic Zen Forms and Etiquette

Zen Forms and Etiquette 2018

Would you like to become familiar with the basics of traditional Zen forms: bows, entries and exits, walking meditation, etc? This offering is designed for the newcomer who'd like an overview of forms to help them be more familiar and comfortable joining us for morning zazen or one of our sesshins. It's a good opportunity to become familiar with the forms, stay in practice, or brush up after some time away. The same information is covered each time.
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Sesshins and Retreats 2018

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