Information about Retreats at MZMC

Please plan to arrive about 15 minutes before the start time to find a spot in the zendo, be aware of any job assignments that might affect you, and settle in before we start. There will be a brief orientation after the first period of zazen to cover the retreat logistics.

  • If you plan to spend the nights at MZMC, bring a sleeping bag.
  • If you have any severe dietary restrictions, notify us if you haven't already.

Dress for traditional sesshin is formal for priests, and casual for laypeople. For contemporary retreats, casual is fine for everyone. Comfortable. Looser clothing is usually best.

As always at MZMC, clothing with darker, muted tones is preferred. Avoid clothing with lettering or images, and avoid shorts or short skirts. Please also avoid perfume, aftershave, cologne, or heavily scented products to be mindful of those who are chemically sensitive.

Sample Sesshin (Traditional Retreat) Schedule

5:15 Wake up bell
5:45 Be on cushion
5:50 Zazen
6:20 Kinhin
6:30 Zazen
7:00 Service
7:15 Breakfast/ Break
8:30 Zazen
9:00 Kinhin
9:10 Zazen
9:40 Break
9:50 Dharma Talk
10:30 Break
10:40 Zazen
11:10 Kinhin
11:20 Zazen
11:50 Service
12:00 Lunch/ Break
1:30 Work Period
2:30 Break
2:40 Zazen
3:10 Kinhin/ Break
3:20 Movement/ Mindfulness Walk
4:00 Break
4:10 Zazen
4:40 Kinhin
4:50 Zazen
5:20 Kinhin
5:30 Zazen
6:00 Service
6:10 Evening Tea/ Break
7:10 Zazen
7:40 Kinhin
7:50 Zazen
8:20 Kinhin
8:30 Zazen
8:55 End of Day Chant

Our mission is to help people experience a deep and quiet joy – a joy that arises whenever we are fully engaged in the work or play of this moment.