Study of the Okesa, Nyohō-e: Buddha's Robe

From the introduction:

"Eshun Yoshida Rōshi (1907 - 1982) transmitted the true teaching of the Buddha as transmitted through Ekō Hashimoto Rōshi. Hashimoto Rōshi's teaching, following the nyohō tradition of authentic transmission, penetrated Eshun Yoshida Rōshi's whole life. She vowed to guide many people and herself to attain Buddhahood through sewing and wearing nyohō okesa. Her desire and devotion were boundless, and she came to San Francisco Zen Center twice, in 1970 and 1971. She led practitioners in making the okesa acording to the nyohō tradition. At that time Tomoe Katagiri started the practice of okesa sewing under the guidance of Eshun Yoshida Rōshi, from whom she received the seven row okesa in 1980 at Kaizenji in Japan where Eshun Yoshida Rōshi was abbot."

"Tomoe Katagiri has taught nyohō okesa and rakusu sewing at the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center and other Zen centers in the U.S. and other countries."

"The section on nyohō-e was written by Tomoe Katagiri and edited by Yūkō Conniff and Willa Hathaway. Sewing instructions were complied and edited by Tomoe Katagiri from Eshun Yoshida Rōshi's instructions. Drawings were done by Tomoe Katagiri, Janith Hatch, and Michael Danio. Calligraphy by Janith Hatch. Layout and design by Ejyo Katagiri."

"The instructions in this booklet are best used with a teacher's guidance."

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Study of the Okesa, Nyohō-e: Buddha's Robe

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